GSM/GPRS Modems RS232/RS485 Modbus RTU

GSM/GPRS RS232 Communication GSM/GPRS RS485 Modbus RTU Data Communication,GSM/GPRS Modems For AMR Solutions Graphite Technology Solutions & Our RTU, model GT-01 can take data from any field Devices, energy meter, water flow meters ,Level Sensors solar PCUs or any type of device having data communication through RS232 /serial port or RS485 with Modbus protocol. Graphite’s own Wireless GSM/GPRS enabled RTU can take data from any devices having standard RS485/MODBUS protocol or RS232/serial port communications. Graphite’s Web based Remote Wireless GSM/GPRS RS232 RTU/Serial Port Communication: If anyone wanted to take data from RS232/serial port of any of the field devices like

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