Web based Energy Monitoring System

Online Energy Monitoring System,Wireless Energy Monitoring System

Web based Energy Monitoring system in India is GSM/GPRS enable,online,wireless and web based energy management solution to reduce energy cost.Our GSM/GPRS web based Energy monitoring system are applicable to various business and Industrial energy management solution.

Graphitetech Energy Monitoring System (GEMS)

Implementing real energy monitoring solution for enterprise and business to reduce energy usage at same time reduce energy utility bills as well as reduce carbon emission to save environment.Our Energy monitoring solutions are advanced energy monitoring software which will help you in reducing energy consumption and achieving energy goal.Our Energy monitoring solution provide real time energy utility and consumption data for various industry and businesses.

Key Features of Web based Energy Management System

Web-based Solution

End User can monitor wirelessly from anywhere and anytime
Near Real Time Monitoring possible on hourly/Daily/Monthly and Yearly basis
Wireless Technology

Flexibility of accessing reports through Internet
Avoid manual intervention in data collection and compilation
User does not have to install any software on his/her PC or laptop
Remote Management

No IT infrastructure and data communication cables required
All remote locations can be integrated through a Centralized monitoring system

The devices can communicate with a host of sensors like Flow ,Temp, Level, pH & many more.
Users can collect data through sensor networks installed at various metering points and schedule intelligent rules (time/ calendar/event based) for better management.

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