Water Pumping Station Automation

Wireless GSM/GPRS Web Based Remote Water Pumping Station Automation

Graphite Technologies offer Wireless GSM/GPRS Web Based Remote Water Pumping Station Automation.We are specialized in executing energy management and automation of Pumping station to reduce energy consumption.We will help you to energy monitoring solution helps to monitoring and management of Energy utility of Pump.We offer complete monitoring and control operation of water pump electric motors, motor operated valves (MOV) can easily be done.Our system is also check water level in the tank, pressure in the pipe lines, flow of water in the water pipe lines can be monitored and controlled.

In India Pumps are used at various water utilities like wells, raw Water intake , Water treatment plants , Pump station at Irrigation plants.All this pumps in water utility are uses energy and electricity.It is required to manage properly energy in Pump station of Irrigation.
Energy Management System in Pump station achieves energy efficiency through well planned procedure and ensures continual improvement. One of the important outcomes of working through Energy Management System is saving cost and also helping attain the objective of greener world.

Now day question arises how to do energy management in Pumping station ?

Graphitetech Energy Management System ( GEMS) for Pumping Station

An Intelligent Graphite’s system for Water Treatment Plant & Pumping Stations consist of

  • Web based Energy monitoring – A control panel monitor over 100 parameters of the Three phase power supply to the Motor/pump to ensure that its optimized for its functioning. You can receive Alerts via SMS or email.
  • Energy Analytics – Energy consumption pattern is continuously analyzed with algorithms to calculate work done by the Motor/Pump and provide easy reports and charts for administration and management. It help you calculate the cost of ownership and return on investment (ROI).
  • Sensor monitoring – Central control panel can monitor the health of the pump using Temperature, Vibration sensors, Water Overflow.
  • Work Monitoring – The central system measure the input & output of the pump using Flow meters & Level meters and provide more comprehensive reports

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