GSM/GPRS RS232 Communication

GSM/GPRS RS485 Modbus RTU Data Communication,GSM/GPRS Modems For AMR Solutions

Graphite Technology Solutions & Our RTU, model GT-01 can take data from any field Devices, energy meter, water flow meters ,Level Sensors solar PCUs or any type of device having data communication through RS232 /serial port or RS485 with Modbus protocol.

Graphite’s own Wireless GSM/GPRS enabled RTU can take data from any devices having standard RS485/MODBUS protocol or RS232/serial port communications.

Graphite’s Web based Remote Wireless GSM/GPRS RS232 RTU/Serial Port Communication:

If anyone wanted to take data from RS232/serial port of any of the field devices like meter AMR (Automatic Meter Reading) they have to simply connect the device/instrument/sensor/energy meter/water flow meter through RS232 cable to the RTU GT-01 immediately all the data will start sending as per the defined time interval like 1 minute to any time interval as per your requirement set to our TCP IP/Port. Graphites RTU GT-01 unit are GSM/GPRS enabled for transmitting data to remote central of Graphite Technology Solutions servers.The GSM/GPRS RS232 RTU RTU GT-01 is able to meet the demands of every network-enabled application.It will improve the service quality and reduce operating costs.

Graphite’s Web based Remote Wireless GSM/ GPRS MODBUS RTU/RS485 Communication:

Who ever wanted to take data from any RS485 MODBUS RTU. Anyone can connect more than one field devices/ instruments/energy meters/water flow meters through these units.These RS485 MODBUS RTU are GSM/GPRS enabled for remote wireless data monitoring with the help of Graphites central server.

Graphite’s Web based Remote GSM/GPRS Based Wireless AMR Solutions:

We Graphite basically offer total web based AMR (Automatic Meter Reading) solutions to get data from remote Devices/ instruments such as Energy meter, Water meter, Gas meter,Solar Energy panels,Wind Energy Panels or any type of instrument with RS485 or RS232 ports. With the help of this AMR solutions you can get the data for study on a Graphite’s central server for live Real Time monitoring, and analysis. GPRS/GSM MODBUS RTUs.

The PLCs are generally getting used in System integrations by system integrators in automations of various machines ,water treatment plants, systems and projects. It happens that many a times the data has to be communicated from any remote location to a central control room. So to do this the PLCs are get programmed to send data on a RS232 port or RS485 port i.e., MODBUS communication. With the help of a GSM/GPRS enabled RS232 RTU at the PLC you can get all required data from the PLC to the Graphites central server.When there is a requirement of multiple PLCs and instruments and their data is to be sent to a central control room then at that time you can use RS485 MODBUS RTU. Graphite can connect all the PLCs and instruments on the common BUS of RS485 MODBUS RTU. This data will be then sent to Graphites central server one by one. Each PLC will be assigned with a unique ID in software so that when the RS485 MODBUS RTU is taking data from each individual PLC that will not get mixed and is separated on the basis on ID of the respective PLC.

In many Industrial machines the GSM/GPRS enabled RS232 RTUs and RS485 MODBUS RTUs are being used at the manufacturing stage only. This helps when the machines gets sold out and got installed at client site, its operational real time data can be monitored by the any authority who is having respective link & User Id,Password along with the manufacturer at its central control room for live monitoring, study and analysis.This assists & give an opportunity to be proactive in protecting the machine against abnormal failures, identification of correct time of maintenance, time & fault management.

We Graphite is a manufacturer OEM modules of GSM/GPRS enabled RS232 RTUs and RS485 MODBUS RTUs for such applications.These are our products can be used in air compressors,industrial water filters, solar inverters, UPS, transformers, lath machines, any of the production lines, in boiler management, furnaces, hydraulic presses, cooling towers, air conditioning plants for AHUs, elevators, food processors, electric motors,Diesel Generators & many places.

The Devices, instruments like Energy meters, flow meters, pressure transducers, level sensors can also be connected to GSM/GPRS enabled RS232 RTU and RS485 MODBUS RTU for getting the data from any remote locations to a central server. Graphite’s GSM/GPRS enabled RS232 RTU and RS485 MODBUS RTU can be used for or AMR solutions and applications


Our Graphite’s RTUs have a built in modem for wireless data communication. Data at the field Devices/ instruments/Sensors are available at RS232 port or RS485 port. Our RTU gets the data from these ports and sends it to a microcontroller for processing. This processed data is then sent to GSM/GPRS modem for transmission to the Graphite’s remote central server. As soon as the data gets received at the remote server at a assigned port and then gets stored for further processing.

GSM/GPRS Based Wireless Remote Monitoring System:

Graphite do supply you the required SCADA software. In case you wish to integrate the RTU with your software’s then option is there to send the data to your server too.

Applications GSM/GPRS Based RS232 RTU Module:

This is a Graphite’s OEM module with inbuilt GSM/GPRS modem and only you will have to insert a SIM card for data communication. Anyone can integrate our Graphites GSM/GPRs based RS232 RTU module with your machine. With the help of this mode of data communication only one machine can be connected through GSM/GPRS based RS232 RTU.
The manufacturer of any electrical machine like boiler, furnace, production line equipments, meters, counters, attendance systems, air conditioners, solar panels, cash registers, hydraulic presses, lath machines, CNC machine, food processing machines, pharmacy machinery or any other machines and you wish to monitor the working of machines from your office and central control room for safe working of the machine.

GSM/GPRS Based RS485 MODBUS RTU Module Applications:
Any client who have many machines and instruments installed at a place and you wanted to get the real time data with specific time intervals of all these machines/Devices/ instruments to a remote central control room then they can go for our Graphite’s GSM/GPRs based RS485 MODBUS RTU module. You can connect more than one machines with one GSM/GPRS based RS485 MODBUS RTU. You also need monitoring software then We have our own Graphite Software for live data.

Remote Wireless RF GPRS GSM Data Logger & RTU:

Graphite has a range of GSM/ GPRS data loggers for different applications in various industries also we do customizations if required. Now a days with the innovative technology we are able to monitor and control our electrical machines and systems from a centralized location. For this purpose wireless GSM GPRS data loggers are used. The wireless GSM GPRS data loggers are installed with the electrical machines and systems and live data is received at a central control room. We can connect a number of machines and systems to get data by installing wireless GSM GPRS data loggers with different machines. The data we want to monitor may be electrical parameters, temperature, humidity, pressure, flow rate, tantalizer or any data with analog or digital signals. Any type of industry can use these GSM GPRS data loggers for live data monitoring and control..

These Graphite’s web based, wireless, remote GSM GPRS data logging devices are the microprocessor based electronic device to transmit field data to a centralized server. We need a GPRS enabled SIM card to be inserted in the GSM GPRS data logger for sending the field data to a central server for live monitoring and controlling. At server end the data is stored for report generation and analysis.

Any types of sensors can be connected with the Graphite’s GSM/GPRS data logger to measure
We Graphite is supplying GSM/GPRS data loggers for temperature monitoring, GSM/GPRS data loggers for water flow applications, GSM/GPRS data loggers for pressure monitoring, GSM/GPRS data loggers for humidity control. GSM/GPRS data loggers and RTUs are also can be used in construction machinery as well as medical sector where GSM GPRS data loggers and RTUs are being used for keeping a check on patient health. Health data is sent to the concerned doctor through GSM/GPRS data logger RTU for monitoring and analysis and taking corrective actions on immediate basis.

Graphites Remote,Wireless GPRS RTU Modem With AI/DI/DO & Ethernet, RS485 Port Graphite’s GT003 is an intelligent active GPRS RTU Modem With AI/DI/DO & Ethernet, RS485 Port with built-in specialized firmware. It is specifically designed for communication with Modbus RTU devices and provides active data transmission via GPRS connection. Except for the Modbus RTU’s data, the built-in I/O and GPS data also can be transferred to RTU Center software by the defined period or DI/AI trigger. With the built-in redundancy communication paths of GPRS and Ethernet.We Graphite also provide M2M RTU central software subscription service with attractive Graphic interface to manage the GPRS RTU products easily. Whoever is using the Graphite system can monitor the I/O data and live real time status of GPRS RTU devices/sensors/instruments/machinery by the interface on PC/Mobile/Tablets…etc… With the help of M2M RTU API tool and M2M RTU central software, any type of remote monitoring system can be monitored easily and efficiently.

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