Applications of GSM/GPRS Based RS232/RS485 RTU Module

Applications of GSM/GPRS Based RS232 RTU Module

This is a Graphite’s OEM module with inbuilt GSM/GPRS modem and only you will have to insert a SIM card for data communication. Anyone can integrate our Graphites GSM/GPRs based RS232 RTU module with your machine. With the help of this mode of data communication only one machine can be connected through GSM/GPRS based RS232 RTU.
The manufacturer of any electrical machine like boiler, furnace, production line equipments, meters, counters, attendance systems, air conditioners, solar panels, cash registers, hydraulic presses, lath machines, CNC machine, food processing machines, pharmacy machinery or any other machines and you wish to monitor the working of machines from your office and central control room for safe working of the machine.

GSM/GPRS Based RS485 MODBUS RTU Module Applications:

Any client who have many machines and instruments installed at a place and you wanted to get the real time data with specific time intervals of all these machines/Devices/ instruments to a remote central control room then they can go for our Graphite’s GSM/GPRs based RS485 MODBUS RTU module. You can connect more than one machines with one GSM/GPRS based RS485 MODBUS RTU. You also need monitoring software then We have our own Graphite Software for live data.

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